“L’Unione fa la forza! Unity is strength!”

Hello IVYs and friends! Today we would present to you our working team. My colleague Marcella, and I, Micaela, began our experience as IVYs already a month ago and it has passed really soon. I am Micaela, 23 years old from Gorizia, a city really close to Trieste, that because of its geographical position forms a big city with the near Nova Gorica (in Slovenia). Being born in a border territory I am able to speak both languages, as a good part of the population of this area, and being grow in a mixed cultural environment I experienced on my own skin what were the consequence of the fall of the border and the start of dialogue and cooperation between the two States. I know what are the simila

A sustainable future for the South Baltic sea region

Hello everyone! I am Barbara, the new IVY at the EUCC – Die Küsten Union Deutschland e.V (EUCC-D) in Rostock-Warnemünde (https://www.eucc-d.de/). EUCC-D is an NGO, promoting the sustainable development of coasts and seas in Germany by developing and implementing projects in the Baltic Sea region. My experience as IVY has just started but I had already the possibility to participate on the 15 of May to an interesting meeting in Greifswald, entitled “EU&Du, EUROPA bei uns in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern”. In this University and Hanseatic city in Mecklenburg Vorpommern, located on the Baltic Sea, representatives of several organizations, experts and politicians met to present EU projects developed in

Lithuanian origins, French passport, Spanish residency, European mobility. The description of my 3 m

Arrived in the end of January in Cantabria, Santander is my new city. (Yes it’s not only a bank!) Here we can find the general SUDOE (South west Europe: including France, Andorra, Spain, Portugal and Gibraltar) regional secretariat but also the leading office of the STOP CO2 project. While many have been working on project with visible results, this one is about something even more essential but even less palpable: air. Aiming the transport stations in our city centres, the project aims to decrease CO2 emissions by reducing the electric consumptions of these structures. My job in all this? Keep you informed about the achievements! Mainly acting through my computer, I am in charge of writing

DisCoVer: Discovering and Canoeing on the Venta river

Hello! It’s again me, Alessandro! You should know a little bit about me, as I already published an article about my volunteering experience in Lithuania. Just to remind you, I am an Italian young man doing his IVY as an Interreg Project Partner in Venta Regional Park, a protected area in northern Lithuania, near the border with Latvia. Yes, volunteering in my institution is really great, and everyday we have a new adventure, with the goal of helping to preserve nature in our pristine territory. However, the conservation of nature is not only about long monitoring in forests. The communication of the natural and cultural values present in the territory of the Park is of fundamental importance

From the Mediterranean to the Baltic

Hello, I'm Milena, I come from the south of Italy and on the 13th of March I started my experience in the International Permanent Secretariat Euroregion Baltic, in Elblag, Poland, thanks to an IVY project. Euroregion Baltic is a cross-border organization among the south-east of the Baltic Sea region, consisting of eight regions of Denmark, Lithuania, Poland, Russia and Sweden. (in the photo: Baltic Sea Reagion) In particular I'm involved in two projects, Interconnect and Casypot. The first one is about transports among all the Baltic regions, while the Casypot project is related to young people. Casypot is financied by the Interreg South Baltic Program and its main goal is to improve cross-b

Dear diary: I am becoming an IVY

Monday, 11th of March 2019 : My phone rings as I am hardly trying to drag myself up to catch it and wake up after a long party with other volunteers. At that moment, I am doing a volunteering in Poland within an NGO that promotes non-formal education with young people. It ends in one week, and I have no idea of what I will do next with my life. It continues ringing, I can hear it resonating in my head. Gosh, this bar was really nice, and no need of Happy hour in Poland, everything is so cheap for a French person that used to live in Paris. Ok, Elisa, you have to get up and catch it. I have it…almost.. My volunteering experience was amazing, I don’t want it to end. I was living in a bubble fo

Discovering Belgium while volunteering

Hello everybody, my name is Giacomo, I am Italian, and I come from Trento, a small town near the border with Austria. I studied International Relations at university and currently I am an Interreg Volunteer Youth (IVY) at EURADA in Bruxelles. My adventure in Belgium started in March and it is going to last until mid-September. I am very pleased to take part to the IVY initiative because in the last weeks I already gained valuable connections and met new people. With my new colleagues, most of them are under 35, we are having great times, we spend time together also outside of the office, for example every Thursday we go to Place de Luxemburg (Plux) for aperitif. I enjoy my life in Belgium be

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