Hungarian experience

I'm Leonardo Casciarola, 28, a creative guy currently doing an Interreg Volunteer Youth (IVY) In Hungary. I’m volounteering in a beautiful and quite Town called Pècs in a southern part of Hungary, helping DDTG (Danube Development Transnational Group Nonprofit ltd.) with some projects and partecipating to meeting and events. It's been 1 month since a came here as IVY. In this time i have been traveling around Hungary, by car with my collegues to having some meeting and reach project partners. I came from in Italy, I always been around and travel across the land, after I while I felt like to leave my hometown to see different places and new cultures, luckly I’m having this opportunity and I be

Cooperation in the Adriatic and Ionian seas

Hello everybody, My name is Federica Iudica and I am currently volunteering at the ADRION programme at the Emilia-Romagna Region in Italy. I am from Italy but I have studied abroad at the University of Leiden, The Netherlands. After a few months of experience in an italian NGO which fosters international cooperation projects I have decided to learn more about how the EU works in practice, thus I decided to apply to be become an IVY Volunteer, and now I can tell it was a great idea! The ADRION Programme supports projects of transnational cooperation between 8 countries (Greece, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Albania). One of the things that I like the

Undiscovered Greece: in Xanthi with Lara

You are in Greece, but you meet people from all over the region, you can eat greek feta but also baklavas, you see modern architecture or observe the details of the old mansions in the Old Town. You can relax in the main square drinking a coffee during the day, or participate to a live concert in the evening during the Carnival weeks. This is Xanthi, in the northern Greece, the town where I am doing my Interreg project as Interreg Project Partner for ADRION programme. I am Lara, I am 26 and I am italian. Started last month, this experience brang me very close to the local community, the history of the area, the events, its natural resouces, that worth to be known and shared to visitors. Old

My experience in TRANS-GLIOMA project

Greetings from Slovenia! :) We are Nika and Barbara, biology and microbiology students from Slovenia. It has been a month since we joined the IVY volunteer program and started participating in the Interreg project TRANS-GLIOMA in the program Italy-Slovenia, which aim is to increase the cooperation in the field of brain cancer research among hospitals, universities, research institutions and companies in different countries. We have joined Interreg Volunteer Youth because we wanted to be involved in research in the field of brain cancer (glioblastoma) – currently incurable disease. We started by getting to know our mentors and co-workers, who welcomed us and introduced us to the research team

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