European Summit of Regions and Cities : The Cohesion Policy, a Social Project

The 8th European Summit of Regions and Cities took place in Bucharest, Romania, to discuss and encourage the contribution of our local governments to european politics. Ahead of the Sibiu Summit that will reunite the 9th of May the European head of states and governments around the future strategic programme for the next five years, European community officers and local leaders brang their voices together to recommand a strengthened position for the local levels of governance, through a stronger clout and a deepened cohesion policy. The cohesion policy aims at reducing the disparities between european regions, whose economic and social developments vary greatly. Via the European Regional Dev

From Bucharest to Sibiu: the Romanian path toward a future stronger European social and territorial

On 14-15 March the European Committee of the Regions in close cooperation with the Romanian EU Council Presidency organised the 8th European Summit of Regions and Cities in Bucharest, precisely at the Palace of the Parliament. This two day-summit was an opportunity to reflect on how will be the future of Europe, while at the same time the attention was focused mainly on the fact that it is possible to renew the European Union, starting from the local level. Each day was divided into different thematic debates which stressed interesting current topics such as the strategic importance related to the cohesion policy and its advantages in supporting the cross-border cooperation across the differ

Things change in the blink of an eye…

A story for my relatives and friends that do not know what exactly I am doing in Prague Things change in the blink of an eye… Two years ago if you asked me what was Interreg I would have had no clue what to answer, one year ago I might have had a slight idea, and now I am involved in an Interreg project! The first time I heard about Interreg was last year while I was studying my Master’s Bachelor in European Integration at Universitat Autònoma of Barcelona. By that time I was starting to get familiar with the most relevant instruments that the European Union implemented to enhance transnational and cross-border cooperation among its Member States, such as Interreg programmes. Out of curiosit

The Abbé Cuylits project: how to manage a temporary occupation place

A temporary occupation place Abbé Cuylits is a CLTB’s project in Anderlecht, a part of Brussels’s region. There are four big hangars. The Community Land Trust of Brussels decided to buy it and to renove it to realize some flats for their members. But, they need around two years to organise it well, especially with all of administration documents before to renove this place. And between now and the next two years, what could we do with this place? CLTB proposed to different partners to work together for doing something attractive in Abbé Cuylits. In Brussels, it’s a commune thing to do this with some collective and cultural organiszation for helping a district to grow up. What’s happen during

A successful year just ended, another full of great expectations … just started

The past year ended with good news, for the Interreg South Baltic Joint Secretariat: a total of 16 applications received in the course of the 6th call for proposal and under the fields of green technologies, sustainable development, sustainable transport, cooperation capacity and skills development. How was it possible all that? How can it be demonstrated? Certainly, first of all, this is not a matter of lucky or fortuity but the result of the joint efforts made by each staffer making up the team as a whole. For instance, it can be confirmed through the meeting organized by the Interreg South Baltic Joint Secretariat on 27-28 November 2018, in Gdańsk (Poland) and in which different Polish, L

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