What's up in the EUCC - Coastal Union Germany

Hallo an alle! Here is the new EUCC-D’s IVY volunteer: Mathilde! I arrived from Bordeaux, France, back in September for 6 months of volunteering. Looking for an abroad experience in the environmental field, I took my chance when the IVY team sent me this enthusiastic project opportunity. Ligthouses of Warnemünde, Rostock, Germany You might have already met Arrigo, Cristina and Mikel, the previous IVY volunteers in this Non-Governmental Organisation named EUCC-D aka the Coastal Union Germany. Located in Warnemünde (Rostock, Germany), EUCC-D is an NGO working on promoting the sustainable development of coasts and seas in Germany through different research projects. In this regard, when Cristin

What is the Community Land Trust Brussels?

Hello! I’m Emilie, I’m from France and I was in Czech Republic as a volunteer before I arrived in Brussels. I’m now volunteering for the Community Land Trust with Interreg since October. I live in the European Center of the city, together with many people from all over Europe. It’s really interesting to exchange with them, in English of course, about our culture, our daily life, what do we expect for the future… [endif]--I will be living in Brussels for six months. I enjoy my life in Belgium because I can travel a lot without spending so much time in the public transport. I visited Gent, Louvain, Namur and some part of Brussels of course. I have some plans to visit Ostende, Bruges and Tourna

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