IVY connecting people

Time flies fast here in the south of Italy, especially when you are enjoying it to the fullest. Our IVY team here at Pino Pascali Foundation, Museum of Contemporary Art was busy in the last few months on setting up the base for the upcoming project activities and workshops that will be organized in the Puglia Region. For those who missed our first blog post, I would like to recall that project ArTVision+ is based on innovative concept of tourism product promotion through an IT platform that will connect artists and organizers of tourist activities (museums, theatres, tourist offices, etc.), thus facilitating the joint organization and implementation of cross-border initiatives and events. Th

The first wetlands are floating!

Hey there! As promised in our previous post, we want to inform you that the installation of the first two floating wetlands was a success! Besides fighting eutrophication, these floating wetlands create diverse habitats and can also be an aesthetic “eye-catcher” for residents and tourists in coastal regions once flowering starts. The video of the installation can be found on our website and here: The techniques applied in the LiveLagoons project are not the only ones that can be used to improve water quality. As a matter of fact, at the EUCC-D, we are working towards this goal using different approaches. In particular, Mikel has recently been working on the Morpheus project which aims to red

Volunteering chronicles: discovering Interreg Baltic Sea Region

Starting small Two months ago, I started my IVY experience, a journey that brought me from the southeastern shores of the Baltic Sea to its southwest, at the Managing Authority/Joint Secretariat of the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme. Coincidentally, I came together with the deadline to submit project proposals in the Programme’s third call. Applications were piling up and I could sense a change in the pace at the office. During the first week I felt like watching a fast motion movie scene: while the working days of my colleagues were becoming more fast-paced, I was spending most of my time in the project library, slowly familiarising myself with projects which are being implemented now

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