Month full of adventures

Hello everyone! I am Kotryna from Lithuania and I am an Interreg volunteer in Lithuanian Countryside Tourism Association. Currently I am working with AGRI-HERITAGE Project. I started this volunteer experience in the middle of February and it will last for me till the end of July. Today I wanted to tell you why this month is very special and interesting for me. In the beginning of May my Association and Latvian Countryside Tourism Association corporate event “Open days” (rural version) took place in both countries. This event is the result of Agri-Heeritage project so I was working with it from the beginning. This event took place in Lithuania for the second year in a row, so my colleagues we

Ice cream, google translator and EU projects - Catarina's experience in Elblag

Hello, Olá, Cześć! My name is Catarina Rodrigues, I am a Portuguese girl from the North that has study International Relations and who is currently surviving the South Baltic Region. Right now, I volunteer for the Association of Polish Communes Euro region Baltic in Elblag, Poland, a small city where I can always find something to do, even if it’s just eating ice cream. Before coming here, I was looking for something to do, but I didn’t have that much luck until I received an email from the Interreg Volunteer Youth asking if I would like to join this team and it’s quite easy to guess my answer. I volunteer for 2 different projects, the main one is FilmNet where we promote the South Baltic Se

Supporting Peripheral Access project, or how to experience EU cooperation for rural mobility while b

After graduating in Urban Planning and European Policies, and already several experiences abroad, I wanted to start a new adventure. And now, here I am, in the fantastic city of Berlin, doing an IVY experience at the German Association for Housing, Urban Development and Spatial Affairs. This non-profit discussion and knowledge exchange platform is managing the Peripheral Access project, funded by the Interreg Central Europe Programme. - Such long and complex names! But what are we doing concretely? Peripheral Access gathers 9 partners from 7 different countries, in order to find solutions and innovate together on a forgotten aspect of territorial development: mobility of rural areas and urba


If you want to know more about a super interesting and important Interreg project in the Upper Rhine region that deals not only with religious matters but also with fundamental political and social issues you should keep reading. I had the chance to interview the project managers Jörg Röder and Dr. Beate Bengard of the project INTERRELIGIO and ask them a few questions about Interreg, their project and the importance of solidarity. Dr. Beate Bengard is a theologian and works on the project Interreligio, of which she is in charge if the scientific research in the field of interreligious dialogue. Jörg Röder is a theologian as well, his focus on New Testament studies. He is the project manager

Faraway, so close!

As Interreg Volunteer for the French-Italian cross-border program ALCOTRA, I met another European Initiative for the Youth: the Road Trip Project and its two travellers, Louis and Louisa! On Sunday the 6th of May, a strange vehicle has travelled across the Piedmont roads, attracting the tourists and the curious inhabitants of the city of Ormea, at the heart of the Italians Alps, 20 km from the French-Italian border. The youngsters of the Road Trip Project ( organized by the European Union are wandering about 3000km along the Mediterranean Sea from Greece to France in a minivan, with two young Europeans on-board who discovers European financed projects along the roa

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