‘’What it’s like to be an Interreg Reporter in Bratislava, Slovakia?!’’, I hear you ask. Well, you’

Hi to everyone in our big IVY family! The time has come for me to finally write my first blog post. But firstly, let me introduce myself. My name is Veronika and I am currently volunteering as an Interreg Reporter in Bratislava, Slovakia (Interreg V-A SK-CZ /Interreg V-A SK-AT). As I’ve just reached the middle of my volunteering period, I think I’ve gathered enough material and experiences to share with you on this blog. I am (as far as I know) one of the few volunteers who got the chance to volunteer in their home country and didn't have to travel XY kilometres away into the distant unknown lands (which is a bit ironic cause one of the main reasons I signed up for ESC was to embark on an ad

The Jacob@ccess project and what I did in Brussels

It´s difficult to believe that half of my IVY voluntary service has already passed! Time flies indeed. And as I continue volunteering for POCTEFA, my experience deepens as well as knowledge about the trans-regional cooperation and EU initiatives. Recently I had a chance to attend the Review Committee where I met some EU Commission officials and certain beneficiaries of our projects. As a Joint Secretary we were resolving doubts and giving detailed information on technical assistance, rules of financing and reimbursement and how to manage the projects. The event took place in a center which is supported by one of our projects, Jacob@ccess. It was therefore a perfect opportunity to visit the v

Once a volunteer, always a volunteer

A few years ago in parallel with my bachelor, I started to engage heavily with volunteerism. It was a “wonderful trip” where I managed to create two volunteering associations: a) the local Erasmus Student Association for helping Erasmus students from abroad to get familiar with our culture & my university and b) IEEE (Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers) Student Branch for promoting research. Through this trip I had the chance to create friendships for a lifetime, learn new languages & receive the pleasure of smiles in the faces of the people that I have helped. Once a volunteer, always a volunteer. When I learned the opportunity of the Interreg Volunteer Youth programme, I said

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