My IVY experience: transboundary cooperation for a connected Alpine region

I can't believe it is almost two months I am volunteering at Eurac, Bolzano/Bozen. It has been a real busy time! Volunteering in a research center implies being involved in every activity of the research group you are in and learn how to act in a working environment, which is useful for a person like me who comes directly from a university experience. At the same time, being a volunteer lets me freely express my opinions, ask questions and sometimes give ideas. Every day I have new roles and tasks and I am lucky enough to have a good dialogue with my supervisors. I learnt how to deal with graphs and data elaboration, collected data, got the possibility to attend several meetings and speeches

Opening Day Community Garden for mild intellectually disabled students in Székesfehérvár

On the 25th of April 2018 the opening day of the Community Garden for mild intellectually disabled students took place in Székesfehérvár. CTRIA team, students, teachers and other stakeholders shared this nice moment by expressing their impressions about the big tangible result of the AgriGo4Cities project, namely the educational garden itself. All the guests were completely satisfied, and students excited to show what they – as actively actors - have planned. As Interreg Youth Volunteer in Central Transdanubia Regional Innovation Agency and involved in AgriGo4Cities project I could say that it was a great and interesting experience. Through this European project I had the opportunity to see

Multilingualism – natuurlijk, gern!*

Do you know your neighboring country? Do you know its culture? Or even the language spoken there? Only a stone’s throw away and still the German and Dutch neighbours don’t know much of each other. There are many differences between these countries– but also many similarities. The Interreg project Nachbarsprache & Buurcultuur** organises school exchanges so that pupils get to know each other and their countries in real life. As one of these exchanges, children from a German school and a Dutch school – both in the vicinity of Nijmegen – went together on a school-trip to Friesland, a state in the Netherlands, where two languages are spoken: Dutch and Frisian. This was very interesting for them

My new fantastic IVY world

Warm Greetings everyone! Friends all over the continent, I am Andreas Karadakis, proud to be Cretan, Greek,European and Global citizen! Currently I experience this amazing world of Interreg Volunteer Youth, volunteering for Euroregion Baltic Organization in Elblag Poland and assisting in CaSYPoT project. Finally and thanks to IVY Programme and the beautiful people working at the Association of European Border Regions I am given the chance to apply my knowledge and skills for a good purpose! So far so good for me in Elblag, the working environment here is very friendly and collaborative, and I learn A LOT every day. Life in Poland is joyful, ok the weather is bit chilly but polish vodka is th

From cross-border regions to the heart of Europe: IVYs meet in Brussels as proud ambassadors of the

Europe day is celebrated every year in May. The date marks the anniversary of the 'Schuman declaration' which was first presented by French foreign minister Robert Schuman on 9th of May, 1950. During the celebration a lot of activities happen in Europe and so EU institutions welcome the public in Luxembourg, Strasbourg and Brussels. This year celebration was the main reason which brought Interreg volunteer youth in the heart of Belgium! EU Open Doors day: 30 years of cohesion To celebrate Europe Day, EU institutions annually open their doors to public. EU offices gather together offering people various interactive indoor and outdoor activities to raise awareness about European Union and high

Live from the South Baltic Lagoons

Hello everyone, we are Cristina and Mikel from the Coastal Union Germany (EUCC-D) based in Warnemünde, Rostock. To break the ice, we will shortly present ourselves :) My name is Cristina, I come from a little town in the north of Italy, right at the heart of the cooperation area of the Interreg Alpine Space Programme. Last year I completed my studies in European and transnational Law and I decided to join this Interreg initiative because I wanted to get an insight into European cohesion policy and cross-border cooperation. My name is Mikel and I arrived in Rostock three weeks ago from Pamplona, a Spanish town in the Interreg POCTEFA area (borders among Spain, France and Andorra). I am a bi

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