Discovering amazing SUDOE project results!

This was my fifth month as Interreg Reporter at the SUDOE Joint's been quite hectic lately and time really flies. In the last weeks we got a lot going on in the office. The results of the second call for proposals are finally out and the preparation for the next one has already started. But most importantly, we have finally launched the two capitalisation surveys I worked on during these months. The launch was a little bit delayed but I'm pretty satisfied with the responses we have received. Indeed, I can clearly see now how Interreg SUDOE supported great project ideas throughout the years. I discovered, among other things, that the project REPPARP, funded during the first

Eurodistrict PAMINA - a challenging experience

Today is my last day at Eurodistrict PAMINA and I have mixed feelings: it was a challenging experience, sometimes things weren’t going the way I wanted, but I can’t help but advising young Europeans to embrace this opportunity and join IVY. My six months were a rollercoaster of emotions, with good times and bad times, but I will bring only the good memories with me. I was supporting the INTERREG V project Passepartout/Weltenbummler, of which I already spoke in my previous blog post, a French-German online game for primary school children to playfully discover the border region they live in and their neighbor’s language. I was deployed in Lauterbourg, a tiny village in Alsace at the border wi

ui – ei - ooi – oei –eeuw A date with my recent best friend – Dutch gr

Hello Hello! It’s me again, border(less) Monika! I’ve got something new in my border life and I would like to share with you! And this one is about my favourite topic – languages! A few days ago I have participated in an intensive Dutch language course organized by EUREGIO’s Tourism Team, as a part of the project Grenzeloze Toeristische Innovatie (GTI) – “Borderless Tourism Innovations”. I am already quite familiar with the project GTI as within my IVY volunteering I have been supporting the GTI team in a few activities. To introduce the GTI project in one sentence, I would say that the main purpose of the GTI project is to support and strengthen the role of the local touristic SMEs in the c

DEMO - synergy between music and sustainability!

In the Ardennes, there has been a willingness to follow the sustainable lifestyle. However, there was a lack of cultural structure, which would lead and show an example. Consequently, a project of cross-border cooperation DEMO took this loop whole. It was created as an actor of sustainability. Most of the partners are cultural actors, such as festivals and concert halls; hence they invite a lot of people and have to show the good example. Their main action finalizes in three axes: 1. Environmental diagnostics and implementation of the common reference system 2. Experimentations - DEMO aims at creating innovative solutions for environmental issues 3. Dissemination - spread the good practices

You need to be INTREPIDA to expand your business.

“Olá!” or “Hola!”, whether I am talking with a person from Portugal or from Spain. I am Tiago, from Portugal and I would like to share with you part of my experience so far with Interreg Volunteering Youth (IVY) programme in Sevilla, Spain, where I came to be part of the working team of the project INTREPIDA, hosted by Fundación Tres Culturas del Mediterraneo (Three Cultures of the Mediterranean Foundation). There are two countries in the most South-western region of mainland Europe that at first-sight would seem similar and which actually in some aspects resemble each other. However, when it is about business cooperation along with women leadership, there is still a long way to go. An examp

An IVY at the annual Interreg communication network meeting in Bucharest

Hello Everyone! I am Jasmina and I am an IVY volunteer at the Interreg Programme Italy Slovenia. This is my first blog so I would like to thank Interreg and Solidarity corps for this great opportunity, especially because it is the first European volunteer project, as far as I know, to allow young people to stay in their country of residence or as in my case, even in my hometown, Trieste in Italy. After two Erasmus+ study exchanges, a youth exchange and a lot of travelling around I decided to stay home again (of course I will not stop travelling!) but I still wanted an international environment around me. As part of the Slovenian minority in Italy, I grew up with bilingualism, multiculturalis

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