Art’s connecting people over the borders in a new INTERREG V A project “’Kunstverbinding/Kunstverbin

Last week I was invited to participate in a Steering Committee team meeting of a new INTERREG V A project officially named “Kunstverbindung/Kunstverbinding’’. The working name used among the partners is shorter: taNDem – where N is the Netherlands and D is Deutschland. Using the name taNDem is a symbol linked to the project’s main idea – to bring Dutch and German forms of art and/or culture together and to provide a space to exchange creative ideas related to a specific form of an art and/or culture in this border region. This particular project, which is still in a beginning phase, deserves a special attention, since I personally find such a project and especially its results an interesting

Interreg for dummies

What does Ninja has in common with Samurai? Or Ninja and cross-border cooperation? If you can’t find answers by yourself, I, the Interreg Youth Volunteer in the French Ardennes, have dismantled the programme and its effect! Having spent 2 months already in the Ardennes, I kept on bumping into an idea that European Union is just too complex to be interesting. People kept raising idea that the complexity of EU laws stops them from wanting to understand the EU. Hence, it made me question, how can I show people that EU can be fun? One of the things that helped me come up with the ‘Interreg pour les nuls’ were the ‘Lithuanian pour les nuls’, where I taught some of the Lithuanian words for my Fren

Hello and Happy St. Valentine's Day!

We are Interreg reporters Bernarda and Jure, the first couple taking part at IVY volunteer placement together. We are volunteering at the Interreg Italy-Slovenia Programme in Trieste, Italy. We are really happy and enjoying in our reporter role. This opportunity helped us to get to know each other much better because we live and work together, what we have never done before. Enjoying together Italian coffee, tiramisu, frittole, gelato and experiencing history and culture of that region is amazing together. The moments that we have liked the most till now were during the spontaneus hike up the mountain above Trieste with the amazing view of the gulf of Trieste and Miramare castle and the visi

8th of February – an out of ordinary day at EUREGIO!

As many of you have probably already noticed, there is something unusual going on in Germany and in some parts of the Netherlands these days… Yes, yes, it is CARNAVAL or CARNEVAL or CARNIVAL to put it simple – partying and celebrating all around in funny costumes! Given that in the Carnival week we have no lesson in the Language School in Germany – I must say that from what I have experienced so far, it seems to me that Germans take it a bit more seriously than Dutch people. I was quite surprised when teacher said – by the way, next week we have no lesson because there is a Carnival, see you in two weeks! So, for the next few days “normal life” basically stops and everybody is going to celeb

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