Sustainable development of tourism in the Ardennes

French Ardennes are not yet well-known in the region, in France they have a slightly negative image. If people know Ardennes, it's only because of the nature that expands through territories of France, Belgium and Luxembourg. Hence, the French Ardennes have an issue of its image, while the Belgian Ardennes have a need of refreshing their image in order to attract more tourists. These two forces and needs to lure more tourists resulted in an Interreg project - Ardenne Ecotourism. The organisers focused on the question - what do the tourists need when going on vacations? Accommodation, places to visit, places to eat (preferable local cuisine) and means to move. Hence, how can we make tourism a

Interreg: Discovering the beauty of transnational cooperation

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone" - Neale Donald Walsch It was with this adventurous spirit that about three months ago, in sweet company of my family, I drove all the way to Munich ready to embark upon my latest adventure abroad. That morning I set off from my home town with lots of hopes and expectations but most of all with one feeling: that the upcoming experience would be completely different from all my previous ones. Indeed, after years and years of studying, an Erasmus and many other study exchanges, I really felt that what I needed was to put that knowledge into practice. It was then that, all alone in my room in Trento, I started browsing through countless websites unti

Border(less) Life on Dutch-German Borders

IVY – Interreg Volunteer Youth volunteering at Euregio Gronau To start with my first IVY post, I would like to introduce myself and to share a story of how I got engaged in this volunteering program in EUREGIO in Gronau. My name is Monika and I was born in Czechoslovakia (the country that does not exist anymore on a map of Europe, but still does in many hearts, including mine). Just to make sure, as many people still do not know, or are not quite sure about it, Slovakia and Czech republic are recently two separated countries officially splitting in 1993, thus now I have to say that I come from Slovakia. Talking about the borders, which is also one of the main topic of this volunteering initi

When states cooperate, citizens grow closer and the EU gets stronger

I was not aware of how complicated life can be for European citizens who live in cross-border areas until I moved to one of these areas, precisely on the Italian/Slovenian border. The history of this area is unique and fascinating; originally Gorizia/Gorica was a single town that was split between Italy and the former Yugoslavia following World War II, literally divided in half by a wall that was built in 1947. In 2004, with the entry of Slovenia into the EU, the wall was finally removed. Now there is an open square, called “Europe Square”, with a tile in the centre that has replaced the wall. The place is evocative, and it allowed me to do one of the coolest things ever: standing in two cou

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