Dia duit! - Two IVY volunteers in Ireland

Dia duit! These are Michele and Aida. We both are participants of the Interregional Volunteer Youth initiative in Ireland. ¡Hola! This is Aida. I come from Priego de Córdoba, a village of south Spain, and I am 27 years old. I am agronomy engineer and a phd student in the University of Córdoba working with photovoltaic energy in the irrigation sector. I arrived in Ireland on 16th September, for a 3-months period. This is the first time I travel alone, so at first, I was scared and I didn’t feel too comfortable as I missed home. These bad feelings disappeared 4-5 days later, when I started to see this period as a great opportunity not only to take part in a cooperative activity, but also to le

An Insight into Rural Health Care in Estonia.

Since the beginning of my medical studies I had always been curious about health care in different regions. What do hospitals look like? How do doctors and nurses dress? Whats is the level of patient care? So, whenever I visit a new country I do a bit of hospital tourism. During the last years I discovered that, similar to European metropolises, big hospitals appear to have a universal standard with differences only in minor details; unlike rural health care institutions. Deployed in Tartu, the academic heart of Estonia not far from the Russian border, I had the chance to visit the town of Elva together with a geriatrician from Tartu who joins rounds once a week for consultation. As one of t

Interreg Youth Volunteer representing the French Ardennes in the Committee of the Regions!

It's been only days since I've started my Interreg Reporter experience in Charleville-Meziers, the Departamental Council of the Ardennes, but I've already had a chance to visit Brussels and learn more about European Public Communication (EuroPcom). EuroPcom is an annual meeting point for communication experts, managers, local, regional and national authorities. It's a great place to be and greater place to network! It kicked off in the hemicycle of the European Parliament with introductory and inspirational speeches from high-level speakers and guests. After the opening ceremony participants headed off for the Committee of the Regions, which actually organised the conference. The first day

RARENET was offering all I wanted to for an experience after my Bachelor!

Photo by Pascal Vaissier Hi everyone, I am François from Liege (Belgium), volunteer for the French-German cross-border project RARENET. I was first contacted about that project by IVY in July while taking a holiday in Freiburg (Germany). My friend and I had travelled to Freiburg by bike and on the way we had stopped for one night in Strasbourg. This was not the first time I was in Strasbourg and once again I couldn’t help but think that this would be a great city to live in, with its car-free city center, the cordiality of the locals, the proximity to Germany and the beautiful European parliament. So when I learned that I could work for a European project in Strasbourg, I directly knew I was

Interreg? My Europe of regions

From a cooperative Alpine ecosystem to a cohesive regional Europe. My experience with the European Solidarity Corps as Interreg Project Partner in Torino, supporting the implementation of the project Scale(up)Alps in the context of the Interreg Alpine Space programme. A bridge between private actors, public institutions and civil society in the Alpine region. As part of the Interreg Volunteer Youth (IVY) initiative within the European Solidarity Corps, I was deployed at the EU projects & innovation department of the Torino Chamber of Commerce. Together with the University of Turin I contribute to the implementation of Scale(up)Alps, a ERDF co-funded project aimed at strengthening the Alpine

A walk along the former Iron curtain – Interreg making open borders a reality in people’s lives

Being born in 1990 in Sweden, I have not experienced life during the Iron curtain. Coming to Bratislava, the Slovakian “little big city” that borders to Austria, the impact that the Iron curtain had on people’s lives for over 40 years is striking. Austrian and Slovak politics and cultures in this area have been intertwined for a long time. Between 1948-1989 however, the border between Austria and the Slovak part of former Czechoslovakia was shut and heavily guarded from the Czechoslovakian side. Claiming to protect Czechoslovakians from “the enemy”, barbwires, guard dogs, mines and armed border police stopped people from the east to visit or flee to the west. Outside of Bratislava city centr

Interreg volunteering in the Baltic Sea!

Hello! Arrigo writing here! Almost 25, I come from a small-sized and peaceful, sometimes even boring, town in sunny Tuscany, Italy, and so far 2017 has been quite an eventful year for me: I got my M.Sc. in Law at the University of Bologna last spring and, itching for an opportunity away from my own comfort zone, when I first heard about the IVY initiative I immediately felt enthusiastic! I applied to the program in the summer, and in the matter of a few weeks I got involved! This is my first week as an Interreg Project Partner at the EUCC-D offices in Warnemünde, Rostock, in the north-east of Germany, and I’m just starting to realize how important Interreg cooperation within Europe actually


These have been my first three weeks as Interreg Reporter at the Joint Secretariat of the Interreg SUDOE Programme - located in Santander (North of Spain)....and it's really time to write down some thoughts and impressions of this intense beginning. I say intense because last week I also participated in the “IVY (Interreg Volunteer Youth) Get Together” event in Brussels, which was indeed a great opportunity to meet other Interreg volunteers and organisations involved in this initiative. ...but let's start from the beginning... Some months ago, when I decided to apply for IVY, what I really found super interesting of this initiative were two things, above all: the idea of promoting cooperatio

Before I end this journey ….

As I wrote on my earlier blog post, I have been working with the communication task about how project from NPA region can raise awareness. We received a lot of videos from the projects. The task was that the project that we are working with to simply explain what their project is working with. I made a compilation video that can be seen here: https://youtu.be/rXbzgeCO6J8 This task was a great way for me to learn more about the goals and impacts of the projects and how there are aiming to improve the future. At the Annual Conference event, I met with many interesting people that are behind the projects. Those of them that are targeting young people in one or another way, made a short video ex

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