Getting into practice: great ideas to promote Interreg projects!

My mentor, Kirsti and I have started a couple of projects. Here is a short description of them: Some communication ideas: Since many people don’t have a clue what EU projects are working with and what their achievements are, we decided to give the projects a task, where project can prove their impacts. I have been working with different marketing platforms that focus on increasing awareness, and since my mentor Kirsti, had a workshop about “Mobile journalism”, we decided to united our knowledge and create a task for the projects that has to communicate to general public about the positive impacts of EU projects. The task is, that each project has to send us 5 minutes raw material of a “homem

The very first "team" of Interreg Reporters

It’s been already two weeks since we started our mission as Interreg reporters at the joint secretary of the Interreg Programme ALCOTRA, based in Turin. Our new Italian and French colleagues welcomed us in the best way possible, making us feel part of the team and a precious help for them. During these first two weeks, we had the opportunity to learn a lot about the ongoing projects and about the communication plan of ALCOTRA. For us, it has been immediately clear how communication is important to address different stakeholders and citizens, and to highlight the benefits of cross-border cooperation for the local communities. We will be involved in two different sectors of the communication p

SOLIDARITY in Europe: "We’re all sitting in the same boat!"

The icy wind stirred up the Baltic seabed near the coast of Helsinki by whipping up soft white waves in the bluish-green water… It was a fresh summer in Finland when new and fresh ideas on regional innovation strategies were presented at the SMART REGIONS 2.0 CONFERENCE! THE HIGH-LEVEL EVENT gave participants the unique opportunity to learn about national and regional innovation strategies for smart place-based specialisation in Europe. During two days, numerous regions were able to showcase their smart specialisation in areas such as: energy transition, digital growth, circular economy, agro-food and industrial modernisation. High-level guests were also present including, for example: the P

News from the very North of Europe!

My first week as a Interreg Reporter is over, and I want to share my experience as being a part of the programme and the team of Northern Periphery and Artic (NPA). The Northern Periphery and Artic Programme 2014 – 2020, comprises a cooperation between nine different programme partner countries in Europe – Artic zone areas, the Atlantic zone, the Barents region, countries neighboring Canada in the West, and Russia in the East. Though the programme areas have different geographical locations, it has many common features, such as low population density, low economic diversity, and high impact of climate change and so on. The NPA programme aims to expand the regions’ horizons, building on concr

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