When I woke up on Saturday morning...

When I woke up on Saturday morning, I was far from thinking that such an incredible day was ahead of me! At 9:15 we had the pleasure to enter the Berlaymont -main building of the European Commission, just before the Open Day official opening. We discovered the stands of the DG Regio and the European Solidarity Corps. The DG Regio’ stand was conceived in such a way as to discover the 4 EU macroregional strategies, namely the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (since 2009), for the Danube Region (since 2010), for the Adriatic and Ionian Region (since 2014) and for the Alpine Region (since 2015). Macroregional strategies seek to address common challenges faced by some countries, which can th

EU Open Days: Ready to take off... @ “Regions in the Air”!

My head with a cloud full of thoughts against the window pane of a plane from Warsaw to Brussels: What interesting people will I meet tomorrow? What new experiences will I make? Carpe diem! Me and Manon – my dear IVY colleague and the very first Interreg volunteer – together we seized the EU Open Days the way we grabbed the rope with the balloons in the picture above: shaking hands with Commissioner Oettinger, taking a picture with the President and the Deputy Director of the European Committee of the Regions, meeting as an Interreg South Baltic volunteer the Head of the macro-regional strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, listening to the founders of such great pro-European initiatives as Sta

A Green & Blue Monday

College of Europe, Natolin. It’s a special place and a special day: coming all the way from Gdańsk, the Communication and Capitalisation Officer Mr. Vassilen Iotzov is here to give a presentation on the South Baltic cross-border cooperation programme. Serving as a good example of a European Territorial Cooperation programme, Monday’s topic is presented within the context of the seminar on “EU Structural and Investment Policies” - a seminar given by the former Director-General of the DG Regio Prof. Ahner and a seminar which I can only strongly recommend to any student who is passionate about the EU Cohesion Policy. Everything’s prepared: it’s spring and a basket full of miscellaneous coloured

How the EU improves its citizens’ life in Europe: the EU South Baltic program in Gdansk

What does the European Union (EU) do for you? In a much appreciated interview with the Head of the joint Secretariat Jakub Fedorowicz (JF) and the Communication and Capitalisation Officer Vassilen Iotzov (VI) of the EU South Baltic program in Gdańsk, I (JK) was given the opportunity to gain some first-hand knowledge about the added value which European Territorial Cooperation (ETC) programs and this EU program in particular brings to its citizens with its numerous innovative projects in the South Baltic region. Here’s what they had to say: JK: What does your program involve and why it is of relevance to citizens in Europe, and in your area in particular? JF: Our program in the South Baltic i

Shooting with European Commission’s crew

On Tuesday, 2nd May, Inés España, from the European Commission, came in Budapest to make a video about my adventure as first Interreg Volunteer Youth / European Solidarity Corps volunteer. Ines wanted to know more about what European cooperation and solidarity mean to me. We shot in every part of the beautiful city of Budapest… it was a tiring day but such a valuable and enriching experience! The video is to be released very soon, so stay tuned! I will also have the chance to share my IVY experience during the Open Doors Day in Brussels this Saturday.

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