AEBR is a Europe-wide organisation representing border and cross-border (CB) regions, with the aim to:


  • highlight their particular problems, opportunities, tasks and projects and make them understandable and visible;

  • represent their overall interests towards national and international authorities and institutions;

  • initiate, support and coordinate their co-operation throughout Europe;  

  • exchange experiences and information to formulate and coordinate common interests from the various problems and opportunities of border regions, and to offer solutions;

  • promote cross-border cooperation (CBC) structures, projects and programmes; assist in the identification, preparation and implementation of CBC events and other activities.

AEBR has its official headquarters in Gronau (Westphalia), in the facilities of Euregio (DE/NL). Another office is operational in Berlin.

AEBR has the pleasure and the honour to manage the Interreg Volunteer Youth (IVY) initiative and is the main contact point for any question related to this pilot action.