Volunteers have the chance to get really involved in communicating about Cohesion Policy: IVYs are now able to organise local events addressing citizens and involving the local community thanks to the financial support given by the European Commission. 


From now on, IVY volunteers can design, define and implement events to raise awareness of Cohesion Policy, so called “Citizens Engagement Activities”. The aim of such events is to promote European Territorial Cooperation and to tell citizens what, thanks to Interreg, has been implemented in the region to enhance local development, while exchanging with citizens.


Volunteers are encouraged to bring their own ideas of how to organise “Citizens Engagement Activities”. The IVY team is happy to help if support is required: we are at disposal for a brainstorm or a chat and we are looking forward to hearing about the IVYs' ideas!


Former volunteers can organise events, too. For more information, please contact us at







Insect Respect

Insect Respect provides the opportunity to get hands-on experience about how to contribute to keeping insect biodiversity in our focus! You will learn how important insects are for our everyday life and how we can protect them. Everybody will build their own insect hotel, which you can take with you to provide the insects in your garden with a home! All the information will be provided, also regarding information about EU funded projects on nature conservation which you than can take home with you.   


Repect Nature

Respect Nature brings locals in the country side of Austria together with organisations that are, with support of the Cohesion Policy, actively helping to protect local nature. Nature is a constant source of inspiration for us all. Respect Nature will inspire and motivate participants to actively engage in preserving the environment. After presentations and interactive workshop exercises to lay the groundwork, the team will go on a field trip to put things directly into practice. At the end of the activity, each participant will have a better understanding why it is important to treat nature respectfully, and how to do it.

Whispering of the trees

In “Whispering of the trees” students will attend workshops and a field trip into one of the most valuable UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Germany, the Grumsin forest. Participants will delve deep into how to open all their senses and be present in nature and how to develop a story based upon personal impressions in this ancient forest. They will also learn how the EU Cohesion Policy support its protection through various projects currently under implementation in the region.


Cocoa farming from Haiti to Gwada

Do you like chocolate? Cocoa is the essential ingredient to produce it. It originates from the seeds  of the cocoa fruits, which grow on cocoa trees. The production of cocoa begins in the tropical regions around the Equator.

This photo exhibition will highlight the need from the farmers and the workers from Guadeloupe and Haiti to develop the cocoa industry jointly, from the fields’ cultivation to commercialisation. The exhibition will show beautiful pictures and short movies of the everyday life of farmers working to organise this small industry. The goal is also to show the importance of Cohesion Policy for these two islands which cooperate under the Interreg Caraïbes Programme to improve the valorisation of cocoa. The volunteer and the team organising the event look forward to welcoming visitors at the beautiful sylvathèque of Gourbeyre.



The Berlaymont building of the European Commission in Brussels hosted an exhibition showing pictures of IVY volunteers.


AEBR and INTERACT publish a series of articles written by volunteers to inform about Interreg projects they found particularly important because of their impact on the regions where they are carried out. 

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