Volunteers have the chance to get really involved in communicating about Cohesion Policy: IVYs are now able to organise local events addressing citizens and involving the local community thanks to the financial support given by the European Commission. 


From now on, IVY volunteers can design, define and implement events to raise awareness of Cohesion Policy, so called “Citizens Engagement Activities”. The aim of such events is to promote European Territorial Cooperation and to tell citizens what, thanks to Interreg, has been implemented in the region to enhance local development, while exchanging with citizens.


Volunteers are encouraged to bring their own ideas of how to organise “Citizens Engagement Activities”. The IVY team is happy to help if support is required: we are at disposal for a brainstorm or a chat and we are looking forward to hearing about the IVYs' ideas!


Former volunteers can organise events, too. For more information, please contact us at


Learn more under "Past Citizens' Engagement Activities".

  IVY AND #Interreg30 CAMPAIGN


The Berlaymont building of the European Commission in Brussels hosted an exhibition showing pictures of IVY volunteers.


AEBR and INTERACT publish a series of articles written by volunteers to inform about Interreg projects they found particularly important because of their impact on the regions where they are carried out. 

Click on the following links to discover which projects enhanced cooperation across Europe and have showed a strong solidarity dimension:


in Central Europe:

on the borders of Italy:

between Spain and Portugal, France and the United Kingdom: see here.


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